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Engineering and Fabrication
Engineering and Fabrication is the most important element in any engineering manufacturing process. The manufactured press products are integrated into the manufacturing range from aero planes, turbines, engines and pumps, while in engineering fabrication. The use of press components in engineering reduces the design complexity and enhances the ease of manufacturing feasibility. We focus on the design, advanced methods and operation of integrated systems for the production of high-quality, economically competitive products.
Salient Features :

Excellent Functional performance

Thickness Range : 0.10 mm -  6.35 mm

Ultimate Tensile Strength upto 750 Mpa

Very good surface finish

With or without component surface coating

Products as per customer specifications

Zero rejections per Batch or Lot quantity

Dimensional accuracy as per design specifications

Defects free components
Warehouse Rack Assembly Parts
General Engineering Assembly Parts

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