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Press Tooling (Manufacturing and Servicing)
Press Tools are mainly used to produce variety of sheet metal products very accurately with the help of pneumatic, mechanical and hydraulic power presses. Press tools can be categorized based on the type of operation like, blanking, forming, forging, piercing, punching etc. For conventional type operation press tool is separated individually and called as an operation specific tool, whereas for progressive type process multiple tools are combined together to produce the components continuously. In addition to the conventional stage tool and progrssive tool, to perform two or more operations simultaneously combination or compound tools are used. We have more than 20 years experience to manufacture and servicing of Stage, Progressive and Compounding tooling for the components of complex designs.
Salient Features :

High degree of Compressive strength and abrasion resistance

Dimensional accuracy as per design specifications

Excellent Functional performance

With defects free high quality raw material

High resistance to wear, hence long life

Easy to assembly and servicing

Defects free spares and fasteners

Dimensional accuracy as per design specifications

High process yield and efficiency

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